Sunday, March 16, 2014

One More Winter Day

Momma Layne
By Mike Layne

With the clocks set forward and March half over, everyone is understandably sick of old man winter and I'm no exception.  With subzero temperatures, snow storms, road-ice and biting wind, 2013-14 has been the winter that just won't let go.  But soon enough we'll all be hot, sticky and muggy-miserable.  So when it doesn't seem fair that we're once again watching the beautiful blue skies of Saturday turn to the bleak snow fields of Sunday, I try to remind myself that our unpredictability of seasons is part of the charm that is West Virginia.  More than anywhere else I know of, West Virginia is the embodiment of four separate distinct seasons.  Icy subzero winters give
way to the lush green hills of regenerated life and beauty that is springtime in the mountain state.  Hot dry summers invite pool parties, barbecues and long days on the lake. And before long we all find ourselves longing for the cool crisp air and patchwork beauty of autumn.
Look what I found Dad
So on days like this, with the mercury falling faster than the snowflakes and our patience with winter wearing thin, it's worth the effort to get off the couch and play in the snow one more time.  If you've forgotten how to enjoy the sight of fresh falling snow, take a child outside.  They will remind you.  After all, God only gives us so many beautiful winter days to enjoy.  Best not to take them for granted.

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