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Mike and Loreal Layne live with their children in Clarksburg, West Virginia.  Both have extensive backgrounds in the West Virginia hospitality and tourism industry.  Mike is a West Virginia University graduate and a former US Marine.  Mike grew up in Pocahontas County where he worked in management at Snowshoe Mountain Resort for over a decade.  He is a life-long outdoors-man and an aspiring mountaineer with a goal of climbing Mount Rainier in the next few years.

Loreal holds degrees in business and nursing from Fairmont State University.  She works locally as a registered nurse and full time mother of two wonderful little boys, Spencer and Braxton.   You may recognize Spencer as the star of many of the hiking photos throughout the website.  He’s his father’s full-time hiking buddy.  His favorite trail foods are Cheez-Its and apple juice.  He enjoys throwing rocks and touching tree bark and he can’t wait for his little brother Braxton to get big enough to join him.  

Hiking the trails of West Virginia and documenting the experience has given Mike and family a fun interactive way to share their experiences with the world.  If you see them on the trail, be sure to say hello.  They’d love to hear from you.

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