Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back to Watters Smith - A Saturday Hike with Spencer

By Mike Layne

Back to Watters Smith today.  The weather was a little cooler this than last week, but still sunny and a great
day for a hike.  We tried out the new Deuter Kids Comfort II kid carrier and loved it.  Stopped off at a gas station for snacks on the way.  We packed Gator-aid, little donuts, water and cheezets.  Spencer loves cheezets.

We made it to the park around 3 pm.  This time we started out on the north side of the road, on the Dogwood trail. (See trail map)  The trail starts with some gentle up hill past old farm equipment rusting near an old barn.  About a quarter
of mile up the trail, maybe a little less, the High Wall bypass trail branches off to the right. The hiking gets a little steeper now, but the trail is in great shape.  Winding first to the right, then back to the left, across a gully and a small stream and into an open field.  We stopped here for a snack.  When we started out again we moved to the

Trick Track Trek trail, which winds around the base of a some steep cliffs.  We ended up on the White Oak trail dropping back down into the historical area of the park and back to the road.  For a little more up-hill training we crossed the road and climbed the hill to the cemetery we passed last week on the Burr Smith trail.  Only a few dates were visible, the oldest born in 1796, died in 1844.  Having spent two hours on the trails we headed back to the car around 5 pm.

Spencer did really well in the kid carrier.  I've mentioned before, he's not exactly a sit-still kind of boy, so I was worried he would not like riding in the carrier, but he seems to really like it.  We stop every 20 minutes or so, eat some cheezets, run around a little and then load back up.  He chatters to me the whole time we are moving.  I love that.  I only understand a small part of it, but I love that he wants to talk to me while we hike and I try to talk back as intelligently as I can.  I have some solo multi-day hikes planned for the summer and I'm finding that I'm probably going to miss having him back there chattering in my ear.  He's my little hiking buddy now.  He has a new thing where he puts his finger inside my hat band and tries to tip my hat off.  He thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

Looking up from Trick Track Trek
After our hike we met up with Momma and Braxton at grandma and grandpa's house and granny made us all dinner.  Everyone is sleeping peacefully now.  It's 10:37 and it's time for dad to read a little and get some sleep. Momma works next weekend so I think we are going to plan a little longer hike someplace else, maybe Blackwater Falls.

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