Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Circus

Dear Spencer,
Sheepy Nite Nite
You went to the circus for the first time on Thursday, the Barnum & Bailey and Ringling Bros. circus at Charleston, WV.  This was only your second over-night stay in a hotel.  We drove down   Grandma Carol and sister Celeste went with us.  It was a beautiful sunny day but a little bit chilly.  You wore a little red hoodie, but I forgot to pack myself a sweatshirt or jacket and was cold in the morning.  We had great seats right down close to the floor.  You were such a good boy.  You only fussed a couple of times.  You ate cotton candy for the first time.  The elephants and the big cats both caught your attention.  Mom bought you a stuffed elephant when the show was over and when we got home I think you recognized the elephants in your sound book.  You couldn't quite make it through the entire show though.  You were asleep during the loudest part and slept till we made it back to the car.  Look for your ticket stub in your Bumba Box Collection Case.  Mom says we’re going back every year now.  Already looking forward to next year.  

Love - Dad


  1. I sat here and read all that you have written and it is so refreshing for me. I wish that I had thought to do this. Even though I have always kept a journal, it was hurry up and list everything...I love each and every one of these posts and I can only imagine what it will mean to Spencer 20 or 30 or more years down the road. And you can refresh such good memories. Thank you so much for doing this!!

  2. Thank you momma Judy. We are having a blast doing this and I think you are right, that this will be special to the boys when they get older. Hope everyone is doing well and look forward to seeing you soon.