Monday, April 29, 2013

Learned to Throw the Ball

Dear Spencer,

You look a lot like your grandpa David here
You and I have a game we play on the kitchen floor while momma cooks dinner.   Dinnertime is your ‘getting sleepy’ time and when you get sleepy you want momma and only momma.  To distract you we have a tennis ball that I throw against the wall by the fridge.  Sometimes the cats get in on the game and try to get the ball.  You’ve been trying to throw the ball for a while but today is the first time you managed to make the ball go forward.  We clapped and cheered and you were so proud you could do it so you kept doing it…. Until momma tried to leave the room, then you dropped the ball and followed momma :)  Looking forward to lots of ball throwing in our future.  Love - Dad

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