Wednesday, June 5, 2013

From Momma - Florida Trip Spring 2013

Dear Spencer,

I decided that after months of nursing school that we needed a trip, so we went to Florida so we could visit your Aunt Joyce.  This was your first trip on an airplane and you did so good! I was so proud of you. The first night that we were there you did not want to go to sleep, there were so many people there to love on you and play with you that you were just to busy to sleep. You also met your first big dog, her name was Sandy and she had been hurt prior to our visit, you were so loving with her! The next day that we were there you went in the swimming pool and you LOVED it. Your cousin Logan had a soft football in the water that you wanted, you held on to it and would not let go.  Once we were out of the pool you would not let the football go and I noticed that you were trying to get up without letting go of the Football so I stood you up, and it was that evening on May 15th, 2012 that you took your first steps!! I kept your football, but sadly it is to big for the memory box, but it will be kept in a safe place for you! The next day we took you to the Florida Aquarium, you saw so many things! You were just inches from a South African Penguin that tried to get your straw you holding! You sat there for the whole presentation of the penguins and just watched them with such curiousity on your face. You loved the big turtles that were swimming around as well. You also found NEMO at the Aquarium. I went to the gift shop and bought you a small turtle (they did not have penguins) and your Aunt Joyce got you a penny that had Nemo on it and they are both in your memory box. Son this was just the first of many trips that I plan to take you on. I love to see things through your eyes as they are filled with such amazement and wonder and as grown-ups you sometimes forget to see things that way at times, you my love make me remember how to do that and I can’t wait to have the memories that we will share throughout your life as we go and see amazing places and things. I love you from the dirt to the moon to the farthest planet back down and all the way around again, and that’s A LOT !----Love-Momma

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